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Nondual-transpersonal psychotherapy is the integration of contemplative wisdom traditions with Western developmental psychology. Whereas Western psychology focuses on the development of a healthy individuated self, Nondual wisdom traditions recognize that at the heart of human consciousness exists a stateless state of no-self which has been referred to in countless contemplative wisdom traditions as Awakening, Consciousness, Tao, Enlightenment, and the Absolute. From this perspective, the core of human suffering lies in the belief of an individual separate self. The resolution to pain and suffering lies in awakening from the dream of separation, and resting in our natural stateless state of no-self, moment to moment. Here, developmental issues are addressed from a nondual perspective.

Awakening is a sudden shift in awareness. It is often described as a "seeing through" of the separate self and relaxation into nondual being. The story of "me" is dropped, revealing an underlying emptiness that has been there all along. For some people, this can be a very dramatic and often frightening experience, while for others, it is more of a seamless transition. However, the hallmark experience is that what had originally been taken to be "me" for so many years is now seen to be nothing more than a collection of thoughts.

The paradox is that although awakening exposes the illusion of the separate self, there still appears to be someone who lives a life, has relationship problems, and needs to maintain a career. What is noticeably absent is the energetic charge of identifying with the body and mind. Life continues to happen, but to no one. And where there is no definable "me", there is no problem. Life can unfold as it is in each and every moment. Difficult moments in life can be met with openness and grace.

That being said, there can be many barriers to awakening, including unresolved developmental wounds, relationship problems, unresolved trauma, and family of origin issues which need to be worked through. The fear of no self is also a central issue which needs to be addressed. There can also be residual seeds of fixation and unresolved shadow issues that emerge "after awakening" that need to be released as a means of allowing the gift of awakening to touch all aspects of life.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Fear of No-self
  • Fixations/Obsessions
  • Nondual Abidance: Life "after Awakening"
  • Trauma Resolution Work
  • Grief and Loss
  • Shadow Issues
  • Unresolved Family of Origin Issues
  • Existential Crisis
  • Spiritual Emergencies

For further reading, the Resources section offers a number of clinical articles on nondual-transpersonal therapy, or if you would like to schedule a session with Brian, please visit the Contact page.

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Luminous Awakenings offers individual counselling sessions by telephone or through Skype (Brian WN Theriault). Counselling sessions are 75 minutes in length and can be scheduled by contacting Brian Theriault. After scheduling a counselling session with Brian, payment can be made prior to the session. A sliding fee scale is offered for prospective clients based on their ability to pay.