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New article - Revisiting Jacob's Ladder: Addiction, Hell and You


I have included another new article in the Resources Section - Revisiting Jacob's Ladder: Addiction, Hell and You. Below as a summary of the article.


This article describes some of the hellish experiences that can be encountered during the dying process when one’s consciousness continues to struggle and hold on to life. The movie, Jacobs Ladder, is used as a metaphor in describing some of the freighting accounts found along the ladder of human consciousness. The way we live our life is the way in which we live our death. Any unprocessed psychological material manifests intensely at the moment of death. Old wounds, fears, addictions and desires are magnified the moment consciousness exits the body and become our personal Hell realm; lost and bewildered. The invitation is to surrender our attachments to life in each moment and cooperate with the dying process from a place of open Beingness. What keeps consciousness stuck in a Hell realm is the desire to be free from it. The invitation is to surrender our stance against Hell and accept it as it is. When accepted, it can transform into the vast luminous nature of who and what we are, releasing ourselves from the duality of existence and into Eternal Being. The author provides a segment of his own transformative experiences through a Hellish environment after his dying wife’s post-op surgery and provides a case study of what it is like to be stuck in one’s own Hell realm.  

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