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New article - Eternal Mirroring: Reflections On Being a Supportive Presence in Life and Death

I'm really happy to share that my new article: "Eternal Mirroring: Reflections On Being a Supportive Presence in Life and Death" is out now in the new edition of Paradoxica: Journal of Nondual Psychology. It is a spontaneous flow from the Heart and an invitation to embrace life and death here and now. Here's to dancing in a trembling universe. Below is a summary of the article and you can read the whole article in the Resources section of the website.


In this article, Brian Theriault writes honestly about the life-threatening illness of his partner, Nadine. Resisting the urge to grasp onto reassurances, Brian narrates the process of accepting the pain and uncertainty of his wife’s diagnosis, where both he and Nadine mirror total acceptance of anything that surfaces, and acknowledge painful aspects of their relationship that they had previously avoided. Embracing the ongoing art of dying in each moment (as existence is never guaranteed), Brian and Nadine find beauty and love in openness, curiosity, and surrender to the mysteries of existence.

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