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Luminous Awakenings is a nondual-transpersonal psychotherapy centre facilitating the paradoxical journey of nondual awakening. It recognizes that in the midst of human experiencing there exists an unconditioned impersonal presence which is fully alive and awake and permeates all of life. By pointing beyond the conditioned mind to the immediacy of the present moment, perhaps, mysteriously, the truth of who and what are can be seen.

Take some time to check out the website. Get to know Brian Theriault in the About section. A description of nondual-transpersonal psychotherapy is given in the Counselling and Therapy section. The Resource section offers a number of clinical articles describing the transforming power of nondual-transpersonal psychotherapy and there is a blog where readers can post comments. If you would like to schedule a counselling session please go to the Contact page. I look forward to sharing in the dance of nondual awakening.

To abiding in paradox,

About Brian Theriault

Brian Theriault - Luminous Awakenings - Transpersonal Psychology - Winnipeg Manitoba

Brian Theriault M.Ed. C.C.C. completed his master's degree in counselling psychology and embraces a nondual-transpersonal approach in his clinical work counselling clients. He has worked as a therapist in a number of different counselling environments including addiction and mental health agencies and has co-facilitated nondual groups with Gary Tzu PhD in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada.


Fear of Death

Fear of death is ultimately fear of life, or desire for it - A.H. Almaas

Contact Luminous Awakenings

You can contact Luminous Awakenings by email: btheriault123@gmail.com or by telephone at 1-204-391-3821.

Pay For a Session

Luminous Awakenings offers individual counselling sessions by telephone or through Skype (Brian WN Theriault). Counselling sessions are 75 minutes in length and can be scheduled by contacting Brian Theriault. After scheduling a counselling session with Brian, payment can be made prior to the session. A sliding fee scale is offered for prospective clients based on their ability to pay.